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The Reel Critic Roundtable: Space Jam A New legacy, Old, Midnight In The Switchgrass and The Emmys

This week this critics discuss the movies Space Jam A New Legacy, Old and Midnight In The Switchgrass. The also discussed the Emmy Nominations and snubs.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: Miss Juneteenth

The critics discuss the movie Miss Juneteenth. Obviously very timely given the recognition of Juneteenth as a national holiday and extremely relevant as single mothers struggle to provide their children a better life than they were afforded.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: Luca, Fatherhood and Miss Juneteenth

In this episode the critics discuss the movies Luca, Fatherhood and Miss Juneteenth. We also discuss the issue of colorism in the Latinx community as an outgrowth from the movie In The Heights.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: In The Heights and Infinite

This week the critics talk about In The Heights with special guest Ruben Peralta Rigaud. Our panel includes Kay-B and Kathia Woods. Naturally, there was a little talk in Spanish as we had a Dominican and a Brazilian in the house!. We also discussed the movie Infinite, the TV show Run The World, and the passing of Clarence Willimams III.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: Spirit Untamed, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and Tulsa Race Massacre

In this episode, the critics discuss the movies Spirit Untamed and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. They also talked about the numerous projects about the Tulsa Race Massacre and how important they are to history telling and repair for the descendants of the families impacted. Naturally, we discuss some industry news and we discussed the cancellation of the TV shows, Black Lightening and All Rise.

Reggie Interviews: Black Love

I got a chance to speak with Codie Elaine Oliver, Tommy Oliver, the creators of the OWN TV series Black Love as part of the AAFCA Roundtable. Here is an excerpt from that Interview

Reggie Interviews with Marco Williams on Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre

Reggie Ponder talks with co-director Marco Williams about the history channel documentary Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre. The project was co-directed with Stanley Nelson and executive produced by Russell Westbrook.

Reggie Interviews: The Underground Railroad

I got a chance to speak with the creator and director of The Underground Railroad, Barry Jenkins and cast members William Jackson Harper, Aaron Pierre and Thuso Mbedu as part of the AAFCA Roundtable. Here is an excerpt from that interview.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: Cruella

The critics discuss the movie Cruella

The Critics

The Reel Critic Roundtable: A Quiet Place Part II

Kathia Woods and Reggie Ponder discuss A Quiet Place Part II. This film will make a lot of noise.