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Lena Waithe says Dear White People more than a film its a “movement”

I got a chance to catch up with Lena Waithe, one of the producers of Dear White People and she has a lot to say about Black Film and the images of Blacks offered by Hollywood. Here is a snippet of the Q&A we had after a showing of the film.

Reggie Ponder reviews Dear White People

Justin Simien goes beyond the linear discussion of race pointing out and poking fun at stereotypes, political incorrectness and general stupidity. The issues are real but the times have been changed to protect the ignorant.

If Justin Simien was looking for a discussion about Race, Dear White People got Princeton Students Talking

Reggie Ponder, The Reel Critic, saw Dear White people with a group of Princeton University Black Alums while on campus this weekend and he found quite a few students having a lot to say. Here is part of that dialogue.

Is Justin Simien making fun of White people or Black people with new film Dear White People?

Justin Simien talks to Reggie Ponder, The Reel Critic about his new film Dear White People