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It’s Proven, Blacks don’t like Romantic Dramas with predominately Black casts


Box Office Mojo reports “Opening at 1,789 theaters, Beyond the Lights bombed with $2.3 million. For the weekend, it’s on track to wrap up in the $6-to-$7 million range.”

I’ve concluded that Blacks do not like Romantic Dramas, especially ones with an all Black cast. I know I’m not always right but the poor performance of Beyond The Lights really caught me off guard. I thought that after the success of Best Man Holiday, a film like Beyond The Lights might do pretty well. I was wrong and here are my Top 5 reasons why:
1) Best Man Holiday was a comedy with drama not a drama with a few ha ha moments like Beyond The Lights

2)Love and Basketball only made $28 million in 2000 but the problem is the film’s budget was $20 million so the film didn’t break even. Why would I have expected Beyond The Lights to do any better?

3) GuGu Mbatha-Raw beat out Beyonce and Rihanna for the role and casting one of them might have been better for ticket sales. Celebrity sells and few people know Mbatha-Raw

4) Black on Black Love is so rarely seen on the big screen consumers didn’t know what to do with this film. They were confused. Is this a date movie, a girls night out movie, a young people’s movie or an old folks film. Folks just didn’t know if they were the target.

5) Dumb and Dumber To was by far a better movie option. It had iconic characters, great marketing, bigger budget and funny material. Yeah, there was some real drama in Beyond The Lights but a romantic drama will never win over a funny celebrity driven film, right.

Bonus reason: Many people complain about Tyler perry Movies but secretly those folks just want to laugh and can’t resist a man in drag. Even Perry’s poorly attended movies have done better than Beyond The Lights. Perry has only one film as a writer/director to open under $10 million.

So let’s face it, Beyond The Lights was doomed to flicker out long before they turned on the lights on the set.

Does Beyond The Lights Shine?

I’m always complaining about the lack of Black on Black love in major media. I don’t have any problem with interracial relationships, I just have a problem that Hollywood seems reluctant to show Black love. So i was excited to see Gina Prince-Bythewood’s new movie Beyond The Lights. The question is does it shine?

From Love and Basketball to Love and Music – Writer/Director Gina Prince-Bythewood on her new film Beyond The Lights