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Ode To Dad

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Ok, I want to create an “Ode To Dad” and need your help. I put it out there but the response wasn’t what I was looking for so I’m asking Omari Hardwick, Kevin Hart and Jeff Clanagan to help me make this a success.

Please add a verse. The only requirement is that you sue Ode to Dad in your verse. It doesn’t have to rhyme. Here is what I have so far

Ode To Dad

Ode to Dad, Ode to Dad, the only one I ever had
Not always there but don’t be fooled, on many issues I was schooled (me)

Ode to Dad, you were loved while you were here and you’re cherished now that you’re gone. (Marcus Wolfe)

Ode to dad, his name was Bill, but we called him “Dollar”, because whenever you were broke, you only had to holler. To the rescue he would come, not a question he would ask nor did he pass judgment, just came up with the cash. (Michele Tuck-Ponder)

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