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The Reel Critic Roundtable: Spiral From The Book of SAW, Those Who Wish Me Dead and The Underground Railroad.

In this episode, the critics (Kathia Woods, Kay-B and Reggie Ponder) discuss the movies Spiral: From The Book of Saw and Those Who Want me dead. The commonality in them both is you can be sure that there are dead people. Unfortunately, that is also true of The Amazon series The Underground railroad which the critics also discuss. Add in some industry news and we had a very interesting discussion.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: The Boy From Medellin

The critics review the movie The Boy From Medellin, a documentary about the international music superstar J. Balvin.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: Here Today

The critics discuss the movie Here Today starring Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: Jupiter Legacy

The critics look at the new series Jupiter Legacy but they don’t spill all the Tea. Why? well Kay-B has all the interviews and inside information at her site so go on over there and check it out @ Through The Lens of Lady Kay-B.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: The Water Man

The critics discuss the movie The Water Man starring Lonnie Chavis and David Oyelowo with Rosario Dawson and Amiah Miller. This is David Oyelowo’s directorial debut.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: Monster, The Water Man, Here Today, The Boy From Medellin and Jupiter Legacy

In this episode the critics review several films and even get into the series Jupiter legacy. From Boy to Man to Monster, it is all Here.

Kathia Woods, Kay-B and Reggie Ponder discuss the movies Monster, The Water Man, Here Today and The Boy From Medellin. They also look at the series Jupiter Legacy as a tease to check out the interviews and information Kay-B has done on her youtube channel Through The Lens of Lady Kay-B.

The Reel Critic Roundtable: Monster

The critics discuss the movie Monster starring Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Reggie Interviews: The Water Man

Reggie talks to David Oyelowo and Lonnie Chavis about their movie The Water Man.

Reggie Interviews: Kelvin Harrison Jr – MONSTER

I got a chance to speak with Kelvin Harrison Jr. about his movie Monster. In this film, Harrison’s character is a smart and multi-talented teenager who get caught-up in a robbery and the movie explores his guilt or innocence. Harrison was very introspective about the movie regarding what it says about his character and how it is a commentary on society.

Reggie Interviews: The Paper Tigers

I got a chance to speak with the cast of the movie The Paper Tigers: Alain Uy (Helstrom, True Detective), Ron Yuan (Mulan, Marco Polo) and Mykel Shannon Jenkins (The Bold and the Beautiful). The conversation begins with Ron trying to eat a little something and we get a real laugh about his inability to share his food or his unwillingness to do so.

The studio describe the film as follows: Three martial artists—notorious in their prime as “the three tigers”—have grown into middle-aged men one kick from a pulled muscle. But after their teacher’s murder, they must juggle dead-end jobs, dad duties, and old grudges to avenge him.

The Paper Tigers is in theaters and on digital May 7.