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Nelson Mandela is NOT Dead!

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You probably know by now that Nelson Mandela has died but he is not Dead.  He lives in the example he set and left for us to follow. He lives in the spirit he lived life by and has spread to thousands. He lives in the fight he exhibited and the work he has left for us to finish.  And Although I never met him, I feel a kingship, a bond, a love and a gratitude that is difficult to put in words.  I just LOVED this man who help the world see Love, determination and forgiveness in a way that just can’t be forgotten.  Nelson Mandela LIVES! It is fitting that I’m hosting a panel tonight after the screening of his film, Mandela Long Walk To Freedom.  I needed

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

to do something that pays tribute to his contributions to my life and to mankind.  I think the film and the discussion will be inspirational and Inspiring.


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