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I was listening to the radio today and the host loved a particular song and asked everyone to buy it. I was moved by the act of one giant helping an up and comer. I’m certainly no giant but I would like everyone to spread the word about Hilary Beard‘s new book PROMISES KEPT. This book presents 10 parenting and educational strategies that researchers have discovered can assist parents, educators, and other members of their proverbial Village to help Black boys become the happy, healthy, well-educated, well-developed people they are capable of being.

The book is a companion to the film American Promise. This book is more than a must read, it is a must do! If we are to make the world a better place, it starts with our children and the problems surrounding African American boys have reached epidemic proportions.

Let’s participate in the discussion.

I purchased my book on Amazon. Hilary is touring the nation taking about strategies which can begin to help the nation benefit from happy, healthy, well-educated, well-developed people African American boys are capable of being. Check her out at http://www.hilarybeard.com/books/

Hilary Beard's New Book

Hilary Beard’s New Book


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