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Fatale – Movie Review

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What’s It about:

After a wild one-night stand, Derrick (Michael Ealy), a successful sports agent, watches his perfect life slowly disappear when he discovers that the sexy and mysterious woman he risked everything for, is a determined police detective (Hilary Swank) who entangles him in her latest investigation. As he tries desperately to put the pieces together, he falls deeper into her trap, risking his family, his career, and even his life.

Who’s in it:

Cast: Hilary Swank, Michael Ealy, Mike Colter, Tyrin Turner, Damaris Lewis. Director:Deon Taylor

What’s to like:

A Black film about a fatal attraction has been done before but I don’t think it has been quite done like this.  A solid cast, an interracial relationship, a successful Black Business and some twists and turns makes this something you won’t see coming but is worth seeing.  I was curious as to how Academy Award winner Hilary Swank was going to play as a sexual interest and Fatale gave me more to think about than a mere one night stand.  There is real chemistry between Michael Ealy and Swank but it is that “I wish I didn’t get involved with her” kind of chemistry. An oil and vinegar that might be good on a sub sandwich but not on a great burger.  What Fatale does well is set you up in a way that you guess what is next, you talk to the screen and you notice the setting, scenery and shots.  Fatale is a tense and fun film which makes everyone suspect  You know how you ask when watching a movie “did a Black person write this?” Well, the dialogue and situations (that crazy cousin), while universal, have those things that only come from understanding the culture.  Mike Colter plays a great business partner or not, but I like his performance.  I can’t help but mention, that as beautiful as Damaris Lewis is as Ealy’s wife, you wonder why he would stray in the first place but that is what makes it interesting.  

What’s not to like

Some of this will have you saying “really?”, so you will have to suspend belief.  You will say things like “I wouldn’t do that” or “this wouldn’t happen to me” but I think Fatale works as a piece of escapism and intrigue and more importantly, conversation.

My rating

Worth watching – 3 Reels

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